Keeping Pets Healthier and their Owners Happier

As AI researchers and animal lovers, not only do we want to make veterinarians happier, but we also want our innovations to actively help all the furry friends we love.

Our mission is to let veterinarians be veterinarians.

Vetspire all began with a veterinarian in Chicago. She would come home every day—two hours after her last client left—tired of the tedious and cumbersome work of documenting all her encounters. As AI researchers, we know we could help her save time by making her software smarter. We started this initiative for her to help revolutionize the industry.

Vetspire is an EMR designed from the ground-up to help veterinarians get back to being veterinarians, not computer administrators. While helping doctors save hours, we are also partnering with veterinary researchers and informaticians across the country to research pets' data on a massive scale to better predict treatments, analyze outcomes, and deliver evidence-based medicine.

Research to keep our pets healthy longer

Based out of Stanford, we're analyzing how different diseases progress, tracking treatments, and predicting outcomes. Every time you write a note in Vetspire, our AI agent analyzes the symptoms you observe, procedures you perform, and outcomes you observe. With this data, we're able to run longitudinal analyses of patients' health in order to help deliver better insights to our partnering veterinarians.

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Artificial Intelligence Delivers Clinical Decision Support

Using the insights we gather from patient records, we can then provide our veterinarians with the most comprehensive, accurate, and insightful clinical decision support before, during, and after the delivery of patient care.

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