Our Story

It all started with a mom. My mom. Nearly 40 years ago, she bought an old Victorian home in the city of Chicago and converted it into a veterinary practice. She's been practicing veterinary medicine ever since.

It was a fun and furry-filled childhood filled with lots of wagging tails and purring cats—as well as the occasional chirp. But, I also learned the downside of being a veterinarian. My mom would stop seeing clients at six or eight at night and still not come home for two or three hours finishing her medical records. She went to school to become a veterinarian—not a computer typist.

It wasn't all technology's fault, but growing up I could see how her archaic software was making everything she did inefficient and repetitive. Simple things such as prescribing a medication would take twenty plus clicks. I knew there had to be a better way, and she deserved better.

I decided to build Vetspire to make her—and every other veterinarian's—life easier. I asked myself the question: "How could we make better technology for veterinarians?" How could we make it simpler, easier, and more intuitive so that they could get home to their families earlier, or spend more time with patients.

So in 2017, I co-founded Vetspire with my Stanford University roommate, Faraz Fadavi, to deliver on that vision: building better technology for veterinarians. We've been at it ever since, working with thousands of veterinary teams across the country to deliver better technology.

Unlike most other software platforms that were billing software first, medicine second, we set out to make the medicine and clinical workflows the center of Vetspire, and have everything flow seamlessly out from there—automatic charge capture, inventory calculations, etc. To this day, our most powerful feature is our singular focus on the clinical experience in Vetspire.

I am proud that now 6 years later, we are able to say that we have helped improve the lives of countless veterinarians and veterinary organizations. I look forward to continuing to deliver on that mission every day.

Many thanks,

Sam Ginn
CEO & Co-Founder of Vetspire

Screenshot of the easy-to-use patient chart page in Vetspire, the veterinary cloud-based practice management software
Practice management platform for veterinarians.
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